Monday, September 8, 2008


Flying home to Anchorage on Todd's 2 seated PLANE!

 They just love eachother!

So things are goin good here in Alaska. Things have been extremely busy because Suzanne has been in Talkeetna for the last week and she will be gone this week as well. SO I am basically in charge which consists of waking up and gettin the kids off to school.. then gettin Lollie up and ready and takin her to preschool... coming home and eating lunch... then picking the kids up from Cross Country...coming home and doing homework... then fixing dinner... playing a couple games... reading... then putting the kids in bed. Then this is repeated each day! VERY BUSY... but always FUN!

Yesterday I was able to attend the singles ward in Anchorage which was AMAZING! That was the first time in 3 weeks I was able to socialize with kids my age. I can't even explain how enjoyable that was... I am one happy camper. The people are AWESOME... and now I will always have fun things to do during the nights and weekends when I'm not working! No more shopping and eating dinner by myself... I HAVE FRIENDS NOW, YAY!!!
I love the Talkeetna branch as well... even though they are all much older, they are so wonderful!

Today me and Lollie went grocery shopping and we just finished eatin lunch! I think we are goin to go play with her friend Maggie today cuz she hasn't seen her in a couple weeks! 

I hope everyone in Idaho is loving school and being back in Rexburg! I miss ya'll TONS!


chelse said...

yea! i'm so excited that church went good! did you get to go to fhe last night? hope so.... that'll be a bumber if you keep having to work late so you can't play!!! but come on, is the ward really as good as 13th ward ha ha

your new pics are cool too. thats so freaken cool that you go to fly in a little plane. i've always wanted to do that! oh and i'm happy i talked you into a blog too! isn't is kinda fun to look at everyones stuff....? miss you! love you! bye!

~Orchideh~ said...

I love and miss you soo much jen you're beautiful!!!

Allison Anne said...

I found you! I love you, and I'm glad your life is going well! :)

The Idaho Shaum's said...

Jenaca you are a babe! I am glad you are doing good in Alaska. We miss you and can't wait to have you back in Rexburg-the waffles will be waiting! Love ya girl!

Danny & Branae Porter said...

Jenaca! hey girl! i'm so glad that you found my blogspot so now I can keep in touch with you! That is so awesome that you are nannying in Alaska! It sounds like you're doing great, i bet you're the best nanny ever! well i love ya and i'll talk to you soon...