Thursday, September 25, 2008


Anna Christine, Lollie, and Jonathan
Me and beautiful Anna
Some friends from the singles ward!

Man I really need to get better at updating this blog... 
things have just been SO busy here in Alaska I haven't had much time!
But everything is going great here in Anchorage...
As always I am having a blast with the kids and I am of course enjoying spending my days with Lollie while the older kids are at school! The kids and I are constantly doing fun things such as bike rides, water parks, fishing, hiking, and finding interesting ways to have fun at home! =) The kids are so much fun... I love them tons!
   So i finally met some FUN people in the singles ward that I hang out with when I'm not working... which is nights and weekends! I love the people here.... they are wonderfuL and the singles ward is amazing! Last friday a big group of us went to TGI Fridays and then lit off some fireworks. We always have a blast no matter what we are doing! 
   Jonathan and Anna Christine are running cross country and they are doing great! It was so much fun to go to their race last saturday and record Anna running and waving like a beauty queen to the camera! =) She makes me laugh... and they both got metals and t-shirts after the race! (they were happy kiddos)
   Lollie is loving her preschool which is a great place because it focuses on children with hearing problems. She is continuing to get better with her speech and I am enjoying teaching her sign language. She is a very fast learner and now knows 25 signs. (Her favorites are kitty cat and candy) haha I wonder way =)
   Well I will try my best to keep this updated more often! =)
I miss everyone tons!


~Orchideh~ said...

you do need to get better ha ha I love reading about your life Jenna! I hope Conference Weekend is going well for you! I miss and love you!!!!

Karie said...

September was a good month for jenaca to blog. october isn't looking so hot but hey, there is always November! I bet those kiddos are soooooo attached to you! keep up the good work! Love ya!