Thursday, September 25, 2008


Anna Christine, Lollie, and Jonathan
Me and beautiful Anna
Some friends from the singles ward!

Man I really need to get better at updating this blog... 
things have just been SO busy here in Alaska I haven't had much time!
But everything is going great here in Anchorage...
As always I am having a blast with the kids and I am of course enjoying spending my days with Lollie while the older kids are at school! The kids and I are constantly doing fun things such as bike rides, water parks, fishing, hiking, and finding interesting ways to have fun at home! =) The kids are so much fun... I love them tons!
   So i finally met some FUN people in the singles ward that I hang out with when I'm not working... which is nights and weekends! I love the people here.... they are wonderfuL and the singles ward is amazing! Last friday a big group of us went to TGI Fridays and then lit off some fireworks. We always have a blast no matter what we are doing! 
   Jonathan and Anna Christine are running cross country and they are doing great! It was so much fun to go to their race last saturday and record Anna running and waving like a beauty queen to the camera! =) She makes me laugh... and they both got metals and t-shirts after the race! (they were happy kiddos)
   Lollie is loving her preschool which is a great place because it focuses on children with hearing problems. She is continuing to get better with her speech and I am enjoying teaching her sign language. She is a very fast learner and now knows 25 signs. (Her favorites are kitty cat and candy) haha I wonder way =)
   Well I will try my best to keep this updated more often! =)
I miss everyone tons!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Flying home to Anchorage on Todd's 2 seated PLANE!

 They just love eachother!

So things are goin good here in Alaska. Things have been extremely busy because Suzanne has been in Talkeetna for the last week and she will be gone this week as well. SO I am basically in charge which consists of waking up and gettin the kids off to school.. then gettin Lollie up and ready and takin her to preschool... coming home and eating lunch... then picking the kids up from Cross Country...coming home and doing homework... then fixing dinner... playing a couple games... reading... then putting the kids in bed. Then this is repeated each day! VERY BUSY... but always FUN!

Yesterday I was able to attend the singles ward in Anchorage which was AMAZING! That was the first time in 3 weeks I was able to socialize with kids my age. I can't even explain how enjoyable that was... I am one happy camper. The people are AWESOME... and now I will always have fun things to do during the nights and weekends when I'm not working! No more shopping and eating dinner by myself... I HAVE FRIENDS NOW, YAY!!!
I love the Talkeetna branch as well... even though they are all much older, they are so wonderful!

Today me and Lollie went grocery shopping and we just finished eatin lunch! I think we are goin to go play with her friend Maggie today cuz she hasn't seen her in a couple weeks! 

I hope everyone in Idaho is loving school and being back in Rexburg! I miss ya'll TONS!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


SO I'm here in ALASKA, WOW... I have talked about it for so long and now I am actually here!
To say the least it has been wonderful! I have only been here for 3 weeks but in those 3 weeks I have learned and grown more than I can imagine. 
I am nannying for a wonderful family in Anchorage, Alaska and also occasionally Talkeetna on the weekends. The parents Suzanne and Todd work for two different flying services, K2 Aviation and Rust's Flying. This enables me to have fun flying experiences such as glacier landings, and quick trips in a two seated plane. =) 
I nanny for 3 kids.... Jonathan is 9, Anna Christine is 7, and Lollie is 4. They are wonderful kids who I have grown to LOVE so much as I have been here these couple weeks. 

JONATHAN is very smart... he loves school and loves reading. Very clean and very polite and he is so much fun! Tends to get annoyed by his sisters and won't let Anna touch anything because "She doesn't wash her hands." ha

ANNA CHRISTINE doesn't enjoy school or reading and is all about having a good time. She is very messy, loves to get dirty, and has a little attitude. I love when she lets me get her all cute and straighten her hair in the morning for school she says, "I only like to get pretty every once in a while." haha her exact words!!!

LOLLIE is the cutest 4 year old you will ever see. The best part is her sweet, bubbly personality. I love spending my days with her while the kids are at school. She has hearing problems and wears hearing aids but she is speaking pretty well. She has trouble with sounds of words and how to say them correctly. I have started teaching her sign language and she is doing great. She knows how to say Mom, Dad, Please, Thank you, cat, dog, flower, milk, stop now, and beautiful. Every morning when she wakes up and we brush her teeth and do her hair she always does the sign for beautiful! She's a cutie and i love all three of these kids SO much!

I will try very hard to keep this updated! =)


I did this for Cha Cha, and off course to keep people updated with my life in ALASKA... but its mostly for Cha Cha because I love her!!! =)

I will post a message soon about ALASKA!!!!